Revlon Lipsticks

I bought two Revlon Lipsticks at Rite Aid a few days ago. The color burst lipsticks were marked 75% off, so I bought one in the Color “Pink Sugar” and I also bought another Revlon lipstick in the color “Soft Nude”.

First of all, I love the packaging. It’s very sleek, printed black. The lid stays put, and it’s very secure.
These lipsticks are very moisturizing, and it really takes a lot for me to say that, as I am a chapstick kind of girl with the dryest lips, ever. They have improved since I made my lip scrub, but I use it every other day, because they get that bad, even though I’m wearing chapstick 24/7.

So, I definitely love that about them. Now, onto the individual lipstick reviews.

You cannot see what the lipstick actually looks like or try it as it is in a drugstore. The packaging is black and opaque, so you can only trust the color printed on the end of the tube, which is fairly accurate.
This looks like a beautiful color when you open it. It appears to be light pink with glitter in it. When you put it on, the color does not show up. If you layer it until the color barely shows, which takes quite a bit, you become a big glittery mess. The glitter isn’t noticeable unless you pack it on, at which point you can even feel it on your lips, and it is a little chunky, which I hate. So, I wouldn’t recommend this color.

Soft nude is obviously a nude color. It’s a very nice color, and one of the few that doesn’t make me look like a corpse. I wear a light pink lip gloss over it, because I like my nude lip colors to have a pink-ish tint to it, and this one does not. However, one swipe and you are covered, it’s moisturized, and it stays awhile. It’s soft, and has no glitter in it, which is nice. It has the slightest peachy tint, but it’s not overpowering, you can honestly barely see it, but I believe that is what keeps it from making me look dead, haha. I’d definitely pick this one up if you are looking for a new nude lip color to try.

If you try any of them, or know of any light pink lipsticks with good pigmentation that aren’t drying, please comment and let me know, as I am still on a search for one!

Thanks for reading!

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