I’ve been crazy busy this week, which is my excuse for my lack of posts! So sorry I haven’t posted!

So, here is my FOTD for 10-22!

And now, my FOTD for 10-23

And, I also got my nails done, so here is that!

Okay, yes, I dyed my hair, and it’s honestly much brighter in person. I couldn’t get the color to show accurately in the pictures, but it’s really bright red with a hot pink tint. 
Also, I got the rest of my tattoos filled in yesterday, which is why in the first few pictures you can see that the rose on my shoulder isn’t filled in, but in the next set, it is. 🙂
I know my posts have been scattered and unorganized lately, and I’m really sorry for that! I’m trying to get more organized, things have just been crazy lately. 
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I’ll try to have a new post up soon! Thanks for reading!

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