Sally Hansen Gem Crush Polish

This review is for the Sally Hansen Gem Crush Polish in the shade Glitzy Gal.
I purchased this about a week ago, and I couldn’t wait to use it.

I put on two coats of this polish, and two coats of Seche Vite. It is NOT smooth! It is a top coat eater, and I cannot get it to smooth out.

This polish is a beautiful glitter bomb. It’s thick, heavy and glitter packed. Not to mention it’s all silver, black and holographic glitter.
This is the most glitter packed polish I’ve ever used. 
That being said, I’m concerned about the removal of this polish, haha. My poor, poor fingers.
Anyway! On to the pictures!
Let me start off by saying that this glitter polish had way more holographic glitter than what my camera would pick up. No matter what I did, the camera just would not do it justice.
Also, it didn’t help that I had to take pictures inside, but it’s been way too cloudy to get good pictures outside. 
This polish makes me think of Christmas lights everytime I see it, because it shines all of those pretty colors. It really looks just like the lights on a Christmas tree.
I highly recommend this polish if you’re looking for a nice black/dark gray holo polish. It’s beautiful, much more beautiful in person. Also, you can find this at the drugstore, or Wal Mart.
There are 8 different shades in this polish range, and I’m dying to try them all.
They retail for around $6, which isn’t bad. 
If you’re layering this polish over another polish, you only need one coat.
If you’re wearing it without a polish underneath, two coats and it’s 100% opaque glitter. It’s about 75% opaque with 1 coat. It’s insane.
Thanks for reading this post! Hope you like it!

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