Mani Monday: Pure Ice Private Show

So, my Mani Monday is on Monday this week…last week it was on Tuesday. I hope that shows you how tired I’ve been, lol.
Anyway, this time I’m featuring a fairly new polish, or new to me at the very least
Pure Ice: Private Show.
This is a black base with blue, pink, purple, yellow, red glitter. Really, every color.
Now, here’s the amazing part…
I paid $1.98 for this at Wal Mart, and I’ve heard it as an exact dupe for the Butter London Black Knight polish.
The Butter London polish is $15 and has .4 oz of product, while the Pure Ice has .5, so you’re even getting more product for $13 less!
Now, I don’t have the Butter London polish in my collection, even after drooling over it for months, but I’ve seen swatches and I’ve seen it in person, and I’m telling you they are IDENTICAL.
Here are some crappy swatches. Sorry, I was in a hurry! Busy, busy.
Butter London Dupe

Butter London Dupe

Butter London Dupe

Butter London Dupe
*Before I get the “Your nails look terrible! Your cuticles are a wreck! You’re a horrible nail painter!” Thank you. I never claimed to be a “nail blogger” or a professional nail painter. I work pretty much 6 days a week, and I’m not concerned with my nails being perfect all of the time, because the chemicals I work with eats the nail polish and weakens my nails, hence the breakage. It also wreaks havoc on my cuticles, so thank you for noticing. 🙂 *
Moving on..
I think this nail polish is so, so pretty!
I’ve had it on for three days so far without chipping, so we’ll see how it lasts.
The swatches above are two coats of polish and a coat of Butter London Top coat.
I really hope you enjoyed this post, and if you’re like me & lusting over the Butter London Black Knight polish, do yourself a favor and try Pure Ice Private Show first!
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