BA Star Makeup Glitter and Glue

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I was sent some beautiful holographic glitter* and glitter glue* from BA Star for review.
Who doesn’t love holographic glitter?!

Of course I had to post blurry pictures so you can see the pretty pretty colors. 🙂
The glitter glue is a nice consistency, and honestly makes me think of elmer’s glue every time I open it as it’s white. It does dry transparent, though.
It has a doe foot applicator and is slightly tacky at first, kind of like eye lash adhesive.
The glitter is so, so pretty, and sticks well to the glue. The glue dries and holds the glitter in place for a long time…and I mean like 8+ hours for me.
My only complaint is with the packaging of the glitter. I hate the screw on caps on the little jars, they’re so messy. 
Definitely not a deal breaker though, this glitter is too pretty!
If you’d like to try some of BA Star cosmetics, go to
They specialize in makeup and other things for Cheerleaders, dance teams, etc.
Use code BBGlitz for 50% off of your order!
Thanks for reading!
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**The Products mentioned were sent to me, free of charge through Brand Backer from BA Star Cosmetics for review. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review and my opinion is 100% honest!**

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