Guest Post: Safely Applying Eyelash Extensions

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Safely Applying Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are sometimes confused with false eyelashes, which are a set of synthetic lashes that adhere to the eyelid with a sticky strip. These are made for home use and can be purchased at your local drugstore. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, need to be applied by a trained professional in sanitary conditions. They are a semi-permanent and a much more realistic alternative to a set of falsies. If applied safely and correctly by a professional technician, such as Lash Design, they are also safer than false eyelashes.

Correctly applied eyelash extensions should be seen but not felt. There are several ways that eyelash extensions can compromise the health of your eyes if not applied correctly. Salons should use medical or pharmaceutical grade glue. Non-medical grade glue and glue with formaldehyde can irritate your eyes. Also, the bottle should read “pharmaceutical grade.” Also, using too much glue can weigh down the lash and cause it to break or fall out, or cause irritation.

Careless adhesion can take many forms. The most common is gluing lashes together. Lashes grow at different rates. If a faster-growing lash is glued to a slower-growing lash, the slower lash will be pulled out as the other grows, thinning your lashes and causing an annoying “pin prick” pain. You should also ask for synthetic lashes to avoid irritation. If you notice any swelling, redness, or eyelid irritation at any point during the time that you have the extensions, ask the salon what materials they used. You should also care for your lashes by moisturizing them regularly to ensure they’re healthy. Getting eyelash extensions can be a safe process if care is taken in their application.

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