Red hair, don’t care?

I told you I can’t keep one hair color for too long, and so, I’m back to red.
The picture I’m going to post is a little over two weeks old, and my hair is a darker, more purple-y color now.
Also, I have new hair extensions that I got from Bellami, so I’ll be reviewing those for you soon,and yes, I did have to dye those to match my hair.

Btw, these pictures are also with my old extensions from Rebelle hair.
My Bellami’s are longer and thicker than these.
So, that’s my hair for the autumn/winter.
What do you think?
Keeping it this red or the red/purple it is now has been SO HARD.
I forgot what a pain in the ass red hair can be.
Last time I had red hair, I only had it for a few months, but it was a much pinker red. 
I’m not sure which I like more. 
So, at this point, I’m washing my hair once every 3 days minimum. I’ve gone 5 days.
It sounds much worse than it is.
I use dry shampoo in between. The hair in the first two pictures was 4 days unwashed. 
Does it look terrible? 
Also, I’m 99% sure that my scalp is permanently red. It’s dye, not damage.
I don’t have chemical burns, I’m just sloppy, okay?
As far as washing my hair goes, I’ve switched to the John Frieda Shampoo for red hair, and it seems to help a tiny bit even though it’s not color depositing.
Also, I wash my hair in cold water. Not ideal for cold weather, but sacrifices must be made!
I need a trim, but I’m afraid of my hair being butchered.
I’m using my Macadamia Healing Oil treatment to keep my hair healthy, and I still use my Got2B Guardian Angel Flat Iron Spray as a heat protectant.
Also, I find that if I blow dry my hair, it doesn’t get oily nearly as fast, but flat ironing my hair makes it oily right then and there.
Let me know if you have any questions about dying my hair, extensions, etc.
Also, I’ll post updated pictures soon with a fall makeup look!
Also, a review on my extensions & new favorite hair tool coming soon!

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