Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 107

I caved about a month ago and purchased the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick #107.
I love the packaging! The red tube with Kate Moss’ signature on the side is very pretty.

The lipstick is a deep berry/wine shade, with cool undertones. It’s matte and very pigmented; very opaque. 
This is opaque in one swipe. It’s also not very drying and it stains your lips very quickly, this is not such a good thing if you aren’t very precise while applying as it will stain anywhere you’ve messed up. Also, I had issues with slippage and bleeding, so I’d say a lip liner is needed.
The lipstick itself is beautiful, but the texture threw me off a bit. It seems a bit thicker than what I’m used to, and as I don’t have any other Rimmel lipsticks to compare this to, I don’t know if this is normal for them or not.
This lasts around 4 hours until it needs touch ups, and it does the annoying thing where it fades in the middle and leaves the ring, but touching up every 4 hours isn’t too bad.

Despite the weird texture, I still think this is a beautiful lip color and I recommend picking it up if you haven’t. It would look beautiful with a simple eye look for a holiday party. 

This retails for around $6-$7.

Thanks for reading!

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