Weight Loss Wednesday #2

This is my second Weight Loss Wednesday post! 

Today, I’m going to share my struggle with you! Yay!

I tackled one obstacle this week.

I’ve been working out every single day. 

Not for an extreme amount of time, but I have been doing a short work out and walking every day.

I haven’t began P90x as of yet; I’m trying to get on a schedule with it as any disruption throws everything off for me. I plan to start it on Thursday, making Wednesday my off day. I want this to happen because Wednesdays are the only day that I work day shift as of right now, meaning I’d have to get up super early to have time to work out and I’m not a morning person.

The second obstacle that I’ve been working on for two weeks is to kick the soda habit.

I had one soda on my “cheat day” with my pizza. Then, I caved and had half a mountain dew two nights ago and the other half yesterday.

I was doing great before last night. But, as my work schedule keeps changing, it’s throwing me off & any time that happens, I take a step backward.

Still, it’s a pretty big victory for me because I’ve always drank soda. I have an extreme caffeine addiction. I was drinking anywhere between 2-5 bottles of soda per day. I’ve had one and a half in two weeks.

I’d say I’m doing well.

As for food, I’ve been trying to make healthier choices.

There have been some smoothies, simple sandwiches, chicken, broccoli, fruits, etc.

I’m not perfect, but I’m getting better.

I’m trying to stay motivated and it’s a daily struggle, but I still feel like I can and I will do this!

My small victory for the week? One pound down, which means one pound closer to my goal.

I’ll get there.

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Join us on our journey, or just give us some helpful advice/tips.

No hating or shaming, please!

Thanks for reading!


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