Sephora Haul!

Oh yes, it’s another Sephora Haul!

I should probably be ashamed…I’m not. 

I have no shame.

I needed some new skin care items, and then I couldn’t just check out without hitting up the sale section!

Urban Decay Origins

So, I’ve been trying to find a new moisturizer and eye cream, but I wanted one at a reasonable price.

I’m all for the occasional splurge, but I just can’t spend $50+ dollars on each, it’s just too much.

I’ve been researching different products, and Origins was a brand that stood out to me, so I decided to go with them.

I came across the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer and Eye Cream and decided that these were the two I needed.

The Origins GinZing Moisturizer was $26. It claims to hydrate, refresh and create a healthy glow.

The Origins GinZing Eye Cream was $30. It claims to reduce dark circles and puffiness, and brighten the area.

I’ll review these after I’ve had time to see how they perform. If you’d like to see a first impressions type post, I can probably do that in a week or so, but I feel I should wait 6-8 weeks to give a review.

After I picked up these two items, I decided to check out the sale section.

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case was there and it was on sale for $29, so I couldn’t possibly pass it up.

I’ll review it later this week or early next week!

So, that’s my Sephora Haul!

I didn’t get much but, I can’t just buy everything I want or I’ll be homeless.

Thanks for reading!


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