Weight Loss Wednesday #8

Yay for Weight Loss Wednesday posts!

Let’s talk about my current struggle & how I’m trying to fix it.

I work & my husband works full time. On my days off, I’m usually trying to get bills paid, groceries bought, house cleaned, etc. I’m rarely home. When I am, I’m tired and I just don’t want to do anything.

This leads to me picking up food on the way home & doing nothing.

Not good.

So, I’ve finally got my sleep schedule fixed; sort of.

My husband works late, til 3-4 AM sometimes. 

So, I was staying up until he got home every night.

Again, not good.

So, for the past two weeks, I’ve generally been in bed by 1 AM, which is quite the change, and I’m up by 10 AM at the latest, but usually 9 AM.

This gives me much more time to work out, figure out what to eat, etc. 

I’ve taken these pills in the past called A.C.E. pills. They helped me lose a little bit of weight, but they made me pretty moody. Well, they came out with a new one, and I took one yesterday at 10 AM. It made me shaky, jittery, sick, weak and I was awake until today at 7:30 AM. I slept an hour & was wide awake again.

I’ll never take those again.

So, as for my progress this week?

No pounds lost.

I’ve been working out again, not every day but as often as I can.

I’m trying to eat at home & not eat fast food.

If you have any healthy recipes, please let me know!

I’d love to try them & share them here, & of course I’d give you credit!

Just thought I’d share my dream closet with you.

*Found on Pinterest*


What girl wouldn’t love that?

I also found a list of work out stations on Pandora if you need music for when you’re working out!


Thanks for reading!

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