Wet n Wild 2014 New Products

Before I go into the new Wet n Wild products, I’d like to point out that I’m aware that today is Wednesday. Wednesday usually means a Weight Loss Wednesday post. However, I’ve been sick since Sunday morning. My diet has consisted of Ginger Ale, Water, Chicken Broth and Jell-o. I’ve lost about 10 pounds because of being sick. That’s not worthy of its own Weight Loss Wednesday post. That’s not an accomplishment of hard work, it’s a side effect of the flu.

Obviously, I haven’t been working out either, so no post this week!

Maybe next week!

I posted on twitter last month about how I won a giveaway from Wet n Wild.

The prize was all of the new products for 2014.

*This unfortunately didn’t include the Fergie line, as I didn’t receive anything from that*

**I also didn’t purchase any of these products, as I said, I won them in a giveaway. I was not asked by Wet N Wild to show any of the products, or to review them. Obviously, my opinion of these products will be totally honest, as always.**

Now that the huge disclaimer is out of the way, here’s what I got.

Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild eyeshadows palettes new

Wet n Wild glitter eye glitter
Wet n Wild balm stain lip balm stain pencil crayon
Wet n Wild brow gel clear
Wet n Wild nail polish glitter polish matte shiny top coat base coat
So, that’s everything.
I also found it slightly odd that there weren’t any face products, but maybe there weren’t any new face products for 2014 outside of the Fergie collection?
Anyway, let me know if you’d like to see a review on any of these!
I’ve already swatched and taken pictures of everything other than the nail polish, so reviews and swatches can definitely be posted!
Thanks so much for reading!

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