Stila All Over Shimmer Duo Kitten

I recently hauled the Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in the shade Kitten. This is a product I’d heard a lot about, and I’d heard it get tons of praise, but I never intended to purchase it. It’s a totally inexplicable impulse buy. I went to Sephora’s website with full intent to buy one of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors and ended up with this Stila duo. I have regrets.

Stila Highlight Kitten Powder Review Swatch

This duo in Kitten has a light pink/champagne side and a beige/bronze side.

The colors are pretty, it swatches well and it’s a smooth, nice powder. However, it’s not as intense as I’d like it to be. It’s pretty subtle, and that’s really not what I was looking for in a highlight powder. I have other ones that are subtle that I love, but I wanted a more intense one and this is why I regret buying this.

The packaging is simple; it’s just a compact. I’ve heard horror stories of these breaking extremely easily, so it’s safe to say I won’t travel with it.

Stila Highlight Kitten Powder

Am I going to return it? No. I do love it, in its own way. The hoarder in me won’t let it go, because I can see many occasions where I’d wear it and I do prefer it over the other highlight powders I currently own. Maybe this would be more intense on someone with a deeper complexion, however, I’m about as pale as it gets. Usually the lightest foundation shade is too dark for me, so it’s nearly impossible to find a highlight powder that will work.

Here are a couple of swatches:

Stila Highlight Kitten Powder Review Swatch

Stila Highlight Kitten Powder Review Swatch

It’s kind of hard to see, I know. It’s because I’m so pale. 

So, here’s my honest review:

The powders are soft, blendable and smooth. They aren’t powdery, and they aren’t really dry. They give a nice subtle highlight on pale skin, but appear more intense on tan skin. They last around 6 hours or so without fading. They don’t intensify the appearance of pores and lines. They aren’t shimmery or glittery. They’re really great shades and they also look good mixed together. 

Despite that they aren’t as intense on me as I’d like, I do recommend them. If you’re pale and looking for a subtle highlight powder, this is it. If you’re tan/deep and looking for a more intense highlight powder, this is it. It’s a great product and I really do recommend at least swatching it yourself.

For now, I’ll continue to use this and pick up a new one down the road. I think I’m going to have to break down and tan some, because I’m not a fan of being so pale. If you have any highlight powder recommendations, leave them in the comments! I’m willing to go swatch anything! If it’s something that will work, I’m willing to splurge on it. Highlight powders last a long time, so it’s no biggie to spend a little extra.

You can purchase the Stila All Over Shimmer Duo ‘Kitten’ from Sephora for $22.

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