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*Products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own & 100% honest.*

A couple of months back, Derma E sent me a box of some of their products to try. I received a bunch of products and today I’m going to share my favorites with you. I’ll also be posting about the other products that are not included here with all of the information about them. 

Skin Care Review

First, we’ll talk about my absolute favorite, the Derma E Makeup Remover with Chamomile and Cucumber. 

I’ve been a die hard makeup remover wipe girl for years. I’ve never strayed because I’ve never found another product that was so easy to use until now.

This makeup remover removes everything and I do mean everything. Foundation? Yes. Liquid lipstick? In seconds. Waterproof mascara? Without even rubbing my eyes. This stuff removes everything so quickly, even Benefit They’re Real mascara which we all know is a pain to remove. Not only that, but it hydrates my skin while doing it. I am seriously in love with this and haven’t touched a makeup remover wipe in months. I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

Oh, forgot to mention, it doesn’t sting your eyes or blur your vision!

The rest are in no particular order, so let’s go with the Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub.

This is exactly what it says, a microdermabrasion scrub. It helps to smooth my skin, exfoliate and leave it looking healthier and brighter. This doesn’t irritate my skin and leaves it soft. It smells like sugar and lemons and to me, that’s perfection.

Derma E Firming DMAE Eye Lift is next. I’ve been using this eye cream twice a day as it recommends and I still think it’s too soon to tell. Eye creams are tricky because if they’re not doing anything, you know but if they’re working, it’s like you can’t really tell because the process is so gradual and you see yourself every single day. Anyhow, it’s hydrating and soaks in quick, so I’ve been enjoying it.

Lastly is the Derma E Overnight Peel with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It’s a peel, as it says. It’s super simple to use. You simply apply it generously to your skin before bed and rinse your face in the morning. It doesn’t make my skin sensitive or anything and it leaves it soft and radiant. 

These products have become a staple in my skin care arsenal and these products work for all skin types. The other products I received are made for normal-oily skin and since I don’t have oily skin, I will be doing a post all about them but not a review because it wouldn’t be fair to judge something made for oily-normal skin on my dry skin. Since we’re nearing the end of summer, we’re getting to the only part of the year where my skin has oily days, so I’ll use them a few times and have many reviews, but nothing extensive.

So, that’s it! You can find these products and more here.

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