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You may know, I love my cat. I got him a few years ago from my mom and while we’ve had many ups and downs, he is my favorite. He’s very close to me and very needy, which I don’t mind. He’s a sweetheart and an awesome companion. Unfortunately, he has IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After many vet appointments, hospitalizations and many, many wrong diagnoses, we finally discovered that IBS is his problem. He’s on a very strict diet and medications, but now we also have to deal with some very, very smelly poo. He needs some serious, heavy duty cat litter to get us through, and there’s only one that works for us.

Tidy Cats® Lightweight cat litter is the answer to our problems. All variations of Tidy Cats® cat litter also contains TidyLock™, which is a new innovation that locks away odors. The new innovations are really helping to get rid of stank face. In case you don’t know, stank face is the response to litter box odors and Tidy Cats® is trying to keep us from ever making that face again. For reference, I believe it looks something like this:

You can learn more here.

We’ve been using this brand for quite some time and have only recently begun using the Tidy Cats® Lightweight cat litter version and I can’t believe I waited so long to switch! I live in an upstairs apartment, so bringing the Tidy Cats® Lightweight cat litter upstairs isn’t as bad since it’s half the weight of the original. Also, since it’s available at Kroger, I don’t have to go out of my way to get it; I can just grab it while I’m getting groceries. It makes shopping much simpler.

You can find which Tidy Cats® range is right for you at
Andy loves to play and he loves to hide, as most cats do. They deserve to be spoiled, so make sure your cat knows they are the MVF or Most Valuable Feline! Today I’m going to show you how to make an easy kitty hideout and all you need are a cardboard box big enough for your cat to fit in and an old t-shirt large enough to fit over the box, Don’t forget your furry assistant!

First, cut the flaps from the top of the box so there’s nothing to block the entrance.

Next, put box inside of the t-shirt. It should stretch over the top. Pull it tight and make sure the neck hole is over the side of the box you just cut the flaps from so your kitty can use this hole to enter and exit the box.

Make sure it’s tight and then tie the remaining part of the t-shirt multiple times to secure it.
You can tuck the sleeves into the armholes.

That’s how you DIY a hideout for kitty. It will keep your kitty happy because it gives them a “safe place” and it also allows them to have their beloved cardboard box without the look of a cardboard box.

I hope this tutorial is helpful and that your kitty loves his new hideout!
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