Changing My Eye Color with Solotica Official Color Contact Lenses

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I’m always looking for new ways to change up my look. I change my hair color frequently, as well as the way that I do my makeup. A more subtle way to change up your look is to change your eye color, and that’s what I did today using Solotica Official Color Contact Lenses.

Solotica Contact

The Solotica contacts that I chose are the hidrocor Color Contact Lenses in the shade Topazio. These are a sky blue with a hint of yellow in the center. This allows them to blend really well with my green eyes, and they look extremely natural.

Solotica Official Color Contact Lenses

These are yearly lenses, so you’ll get a lot of wear out of them, which is really nice.

I love when I can wear my lenses for long periods of time.

Solotica Official Color Contact Lenses Topazio

Another perk is how comfortable these are. You really can’t feel them when they’re in, which is nice. But, I’m a regular contact lens wearer, so I’m used to wearing contacts on a regular basis.

Solotica Official Color Contact Lenses Review

Overall, I think these contacts are gorgeous, very natural and a nice way to change up your look without going overboard. 

I took off the lashes and took out one lens for the next two pictures so you can really see the difference.

Solotica Official

Solotica Official Review

You can check out all of the different styles and colors they have and shop at Solotica Official.

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