Pixi Beauty X Maryam Maquillage Collab | Review & Swatches

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The Pixi Beauty spring collection is a series of collabs. I reviewed the Pixi Beauty X Apsyn Ovard collab last week and I absolutely adored everything, so now I’m back with the Pixi Beauty X Maryam Maquillage Collab. This collab consists of two palettes and a brush, so let’s get into the review.

Pixi Beauty X Maryam Maquillage Review & Swatches

The Pixi X Maryam Maquillage Collab has two palettes and a brush:

  • Strobe & Sculpt Highlight & Contour Palette
  • Strobe & Bronze Glow & Bronze Palette
  • Strobe & Sculpt Brush Highlight & Contour Brush Duo
Pixi Beauty X Maryam Maquillage

Let’s talk about the palettes first.
Pixi Strobe & Sculpt Review & Swatches
Strobe & Sculpt Palette has three “strobe” shades and three “sculpt” shades.  This palette was a little scary for me because it’s a little dark. The contour shades are pigmented but they aren’t too pigmented, so I can definitely make it work. The yellow highlight shade is definitely too yellow for me, but for someone with a darker skin tone, it would be perfect. The other highlight colors are definitely darker and would work for someone with a medium-tan or deeper skin tone. The middle strobe shade would make the most gorgeous copper/peachy blush if you like super shimmery blush. They all blend well and the three contour shades have different undertones, so there’s probably something that works for everyone. If you’re super pale like me, you could skip this one, though, since none of the highlight shades will work for you.
Pixi Strobe & contour review & swatches
pixi strobe & bronze palette review and swatches
Strobe & Bronze Palette has three “strobe” shades and three “bronze” shades. This palette has the same formula as the other, super blendable and easy to use. The bronze shades vary in tone and the highlight or strobe shades are all different as well. This palette will work for a wider range of skin tones than the last, because both the bronze shades and the strobe shades will work for a wide range of skin tones. I can get away with using the middle strobe shade in this palette and the 3rd strobe shade if I use a light hand. These can be a bit glittery and show texture if you build them up, which I don’t care for. On some skin types, it’s gorgeous, I just don’t like it on myself because I have texture that shows. I prefer the highlight powders from the Aspyn Ovard collab as the formula is better for my skin type in my honest opinion. 
Pixi Beauty bronze & strobe palette swatches
Strobe & Sculpt Brush this brush is super soft and great for highlighting. I’ve used it with these palettes and with other products and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I’ve washed it once and it washed well with no shedding or any other funny business. I definitely like the brush.
So, here’s the summary of my thoughts. The Pixi X Maryam Maquillage Collab is cute. The palettes are nice and the formula is good. The palettes are perfect for girls with a medium and darker skin tone, but the Strobe & Bronze palette can work for us pale girls. I can’t recommend the Strobe & Sculpt palette for the pale girls since you’ll only be able to use less than half of the palette. The brush is nice and I totally recommend it.
Have you tried these palettes? What are your thoughts?
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