Holiday Wishlist | Beauty, Fashion, & Games

We all have things that we want for Christmas, birthdays, etc. I thought it would be fun to share a few things I’ve been after lately. The majority of these things will be beauty or beauty related. If you’re looking for a gift guide, I posted one last week. You can find that post here.

  • TARTE TOASTED PALETTE : This is probably semi-surprising to some of you as you know, I don’t really use Tarte products. It’s nothing against the brand, the products usually don’t interest me but this palette is just so pretty.
  • TOO FACED JUST PEACHY MATTE EYESHADOW PALETTE : If you don’t look at the colors in this palette and know they’re my kind of colors, you don’t know me well. 
  • ABH SUGAR GLOW KIT : As if I don’t have enough highlighters, I’m obsessed with this palette. The colors are just so pretty.
  • KAT VON D SHADE & LIGHT EYE PALETTE : This palette is far from new but I’m still really into the colors in it, despite it being semi-basic. Speaking of basic…
  • URBAN DECAY NAKED ULTIMATE BASICS : Oh yeah, still obsessed with the colors in this palette but I’ve never had the opportunity to grab it.
  • KAT VON D METAL CRUSH EYESHADOW THUNDERSTRUCK : I’m 100% in love with this color.
  • BECCA SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTOR ROSE QUARTZ : Pink toned duo-chrome-ish highlighter? Gimme.
  • BEAUTY BLENDER : Every girl needs a beauty blender and this girl needs a new one.
Let’s take a detour out of beauty and into the random…
  • VANS : These are literally the only shoes I wear, specifically in the WARD style. 
  • IKEA ALEX DRAWERS : This is something I need, for sure. Or, something similar to this because my makeup collection is overtaking the room.
  • KB SHIMMER HAPPY HOLO-DAY SET : Who doesn’t like nail polishes? I mean, these are kind of a must-have.

Lastly, let’s talk games…

  • ASSASSIN’S CREED ORIGINS: Yes, please. I spend a lot of time playing Xbox games and this is one I haven’t had the time to grab yet.
  • CUPHEAD : Have you seen the artwork for this one? Yes.
  • WOW SUBSCRIPTION: That monthly subscription adds up. I haven’t played in a hot minute because, money BUT I’m having WoW withdrawals. 
  • HORIZON ZERO DAWN : My PS4 has quite the layer of dust on it but I’d totally dust it off to play this game.
  • NIER: AUTOMATA : Another game I’d clean off my PS4 to play.
So, that’s my current wishlist. I know, it’s all over the place but I think these are fun to see so I figured I’d share mine.
What’s on your wishlist?
Thanks for reading!

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